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Considering an email campaign? Need b2b emails / data?
We are the best and most inexpensive source for your data and provide a complete package including the company data itself (updated constantly) and the software to create and send the emails themselves.

Quite simply we supply you with emails etc to win you business!

If we havent got the data we'll find it. Just give us a call or email us with your B2B data requirements.

So simple to use! All you need to do is write the email and hit the Send All button. Because the body of the text specifically includes the company name and is directed at companies which actually require your services, it gets a tremendous response.

Once you have the system its yours to use as often as you like! You can resend the email/newsletters, or others of your choice, anytime later. Once you have the system you can use it to sell your services anytime.

We provide you with the software and B2B database which emails each company individually, every few seconds, in the background. You just click the Send All button and Emailer does the rest. It picks the email addresses one by one from the database of contacts and replaces the company name and/or contact name in the email with the correct one. It then sends the email.

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