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Why email marketing?

It's cheap!

Nothing at all once you’ve purchased the trusts database and you use the software that is included free. No ongoing costs whatsoever! No more printing, stamps or phone calls, just write the email and click the Send All button.

It's immediate!

Email is instantly sent and instantly received. Letters can take weeks to reply to. Phone calls are often inconvenient for the recipient. Emails can be read at the readers convenience and responded to in seconds. The trusts database comes with thousands of email recipients who will see your message instantly.

It can increase sales through brand awareness.

Sending a regular newsletter with a new offer or some relevant information ensures your products and services stay in the mind of the buyers.

Sales can be monitored.

You can easily see how your sales have increased after using the trusts emailer system by checking the statistics of how many opened the email and how many clicked through maybe to your website.

Its a numbers game.

Even if you want to continue using the traditional marketing methods you can use the huge trusts database system to quickly and immediately get sales by reaching a huge audience.

Why email marketing?
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