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At Emails Etc we supply B2B email addresses, telephone numbers and other contact details for organisations looking to market to business sectors such as Aviation & Aerospace, Banking & Finance, Construction, Education, Entertainment, Law and Legal, Manufacturing, Retail, Sales, Sports, Technology (Tech) and Transport.

Emails Etc supply contacts data globally in many countries across all continents.

All data is named (not generic) and provided as per the criteria chosen by our clients (geography, job title, company sector etc).

The data we provide is updated on a monthly basis, verified, validated and guaranteed (in the unlikely event of any data being invalid then it will simply be refunded or replaced).


135200 Aviation leads in USA, UK, Africa…
From Director to Program Manager to Aircraft Mechanic.


70700 Banking leads in UK, France, Switzerland…
From Director to Managing Director to Project Manager.


153100 Construction leads in USA, UK, Germany…
From Director to Project manager to Construction Engineer.


61500 Diversity leads in Ethnicity in Leadership, UK
From Director to CEO to COO.


288500 Education leads in USA, UK, Germany…
From Chancellor to Vice Chancellor to Professor.


159100 Entertainment leads in Africa, USA, UK…
From Director to Creative Director to Chief Media Executive.


82300 Law leads in UK, USA
From Barrister to Solicitor to Lawyer.


177200 Manufacturing leads in UK, Germany, France…
From Directors to CEO to Production Manager.


168200 Retail leads in USA, UK, Luxembourg…
From Director to CEO to Department Manager.


64500 Sales leads in UK
From CEO to Head of Sales to BDM.


37800 Sports leads in USA, UK
From Managing Director to Sports Coach to Athlete.


618300 IT leads in UK, Germany, France…
From Founder to CTO to Project Manager.


143600 Transport leads in UK, USA, Germany…
From Director to Operations Manager to Transportation Manager.

How it benefits you

Emails Etc is a leading provider of a cleansed and accurate B2B data lists that helps you to reach out to your target audience.


Run successful email marketing, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

Lead Generation

Find new opportunities and connect with interested prospects.

Demographically diverse

Quality data that is 100% industry compliant.

Start with the right data for your business

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