Our databases are manually created.

All the data such as email addresses are found manually, one by one. Some companies use software, which tries to find data from websites automatically, but brings back huge amounts of irrelevant emails such as personal or government emails, which will be very detrimental to your company, if you use them. You may well be blacklisted and will definitely wish you had never used them. Every record is checked by our staff who do nothing else but find this data.

Our free email software will send personalised emails.

Each email is individualised by data in the databases, so that the email appears as though you wrote the email personally and then sent it individually. You might like to have, for example: For the attention of [company name] in the subject which the software will convert to for instance: For the attention of Acme Widgets. To summarise: your email gets opened and you get business.

Our databases are updated regularly and you get updates free.

We update our databases constantly and when updates are ready, the software you received will pull down the updated data into your database automatically. No other company offers this and it costs you nothing extra.

Our delivery policy is that we will usually have the database system with you within the hour, but definitely within 24 hours. This is undertaken via an online download unless a preference is made to have the system dispatched via CD in which case this will be dispatched within 24 hours.

Our refund policy is that, if one or more duplicate records is found in any of our databases, then we will refund the cost of database within 48 hours of notification and verification. Because our data is electronic then refunds cannot be made after the data has been downloaded.

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